"As a business owner, I've dealt with hundreds vendors and clients over the years. I usually get paid on time but there is always the client that stiffs you. Recently a customer came in that I didn't know. Initially he placed a small order and we billed him. Before we could get paid for that order, he came back in and placed a much larger order.  Since I had never worked this customer before, I decided to run a CPR on him and his business. What I found was scary. The customer had a long history of not paying their bills and in fact had several judgements and liens against them. Thanks Lycurgus, you saved me a ton of money! The cost of the CPR was minimal compared to what I would have lost had I filled that order."

Patrick R.

​President - Manufacturing


"Several years ago I was dealing with an attorney that was handling a probate matter for me.  At first everything seemed to be going fine and then all of a sudden, I was unable to reach him. He wouldn't return my phone calls, emails or letters. After years of phone calls to the state Bar Association, the prosecutor's office and eventually hiring another attorney, I was able to recover some of my money. I learned a valuable and costly lesson. From now on, I request a CPR on anyone that has control over any financial or legal matter in my life.  This policy has already helped my to avoid a potentially shady financial advisor. Thanks Lycurgus!"

Roxanna M.


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