The Lycurgus Group is an agency that specializes in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) and complex investigations.

With a team of certified TSCM operators utilizing state of the art equipment,  we are positioned to provide you or your company with a comprehensive counterintelligence "bug sweep". Over the past eleven years, our team has conducted numerous TSCM sweeps in corporate, retail, government, and residential environments. 


Our investigative services team specializes in complex investigations including criminal, civil, and corporate cases. With over 100 years of real world law enforcement experience, our team has successfully investigated several high profile cases including corporate fraud, murder, stalking, missing persons, and numerous other criminal and civil cases.

Additional services provided by the Lycurgus Group include Site Security Certification, Security Risk Analysis, Employee Background Checks, and Protective & Security Training including active shooter and threat level protocols. 


Through comprehensive research and analysis, we give our clients the power to make the most informed decision possible.

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The Lycurgus Group uses only highly trained and experienced technicians, utilizing the latest technology to conduct thorough  Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (Bug Sweeps) for both our corporate and individual clients. For the past decade, we have worked with clients across the country to ensure that their information is safe and secure. 



The members of the Lycurgus Group include current and formerly-commissioned law enforcement officers, former bank officers, certified technical operators, and electrical engineers. Our team members posses extensive criminal, civil, corporate, and financial experience. The Lycurgus Group offers unparalleled expertise in an ever-changing landscape. 




At the Lycurgus Group, we specialize in Civil, Criminal, and Employment background investigations for both corporate and individual clients. We understand the unique challenges associated with providing services in sensitive and high profile situations. We have decades of experience in these areas and are ready to focus on your personalized situation.

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