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Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
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The Lycurgus Group is a licensed security services agency that specializes in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), also known as Bug Sweeps.

Utilizing our proprietary service, we are able to identify and eliminate the threat associated with recording devices that are used to secretly capture video and/or audio and GPS devices used to track and monitor your location.  

What is an electronic bug sweep and who needs one? Well, the short answer is anyone who values their privacy. The more complete answer includes organizations such as corporations, research facilities, correctional facilities, sports teams, and individuals involved in domestic disputes (divorce) or are the victims of harassment or stalking.


A well placed listening device or "bug" can not only affect your organization's Intellectual Property (IP) and profit margins but also your privacy and security and that of your employees, clients, and family. As the technology used in covert surveillance devices becomes easier to obtain and operate by individuals with even a basic knowledge of technology, it has becoming even more important to perform regular bug sweeps to ensure that your facility is safe and secure. 


With a team of certified TSCM operators utilizing state of the art equipment,  we are able to provide you and your organization with a comprehensive counterintelligence "bug sweep". Over the past twelve years, our team has conducted hundreds of bug sweeps in corporate, retail, government, and residential environments. With over 100 years of real world law enforcement experience and advanced technical certifications, our team is uniquely qualified to find and eliminate hidden surveillance devices for your organization.

Through comprehensive education, training, and experience, the Lycurgus Group is your one stop for all of your technical surveillance countermeasure needs. 

Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced investigators.​

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222 E Town Street, Ste 2W

Columbus, OH 43215

Tel: 614-323-1047

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