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At The Lycurgus Group, we provide comprehensive technical surveillance countermeasures by utilizing the investigative process developed by our highly trained certified technical operations analysts. With over 100 years of law enforcement experience as well as advanced industry training and certifications, the Lycurgus Group is well suited to handle your TSCM needs.  

Through our multi-disciplinary approach, we provide strategic insights into the technical surveillance countermeasure challenges of our clients by partnering with our global network of TSCM partners. This enables us to provide each of our clients with customized, comprehensive, and effective solutions.

Our staff is comprised of current or former law enforcement officers, certified TSCM security specialists, engineers, and data scientists. With backgrounds that include local, state, and federal law enforcement as well as banking, accounting and human resources, our staff's diverse experience has allowed us to successfully resolve even the most complex cases in a variety of industries. 

These industries include:

  • Corporations

  • Local, County, State and Federal Agencies

  • Law Firms

  • Political Organizations

  • Universities 

  • Retail Merchants

  • Individuals

For privacy reasons we cannot publicly disclose the names of our clients. However professional recommendations are available upon request prior to engagement. 

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