At The Lycurgus Group, we provide comprehensive analysis backed by investigative processes to all of our clients. Founded in 2010, we have devoted ourselves to the pursuit of truth and safety as we strive to stay ahead of the curve. 

Through our multi-disciplinary approach, we provide strategic insights into operational challenges by coupling our global network of agents and their extensive experience with measured interpretation of relevant events and issues. This enables us to provide each of our clients with customized, comprehensive, and effective solutions.

Our personnel are comprised primarily of current or former law enforcement officers as well as professionals from various backgrounds including law, banking, human resources and accounting. Because of the diverse experience of our team, our clients span a large variety of industries. 

These industries include:

  • Local, County, State and Federal Agencies

  • Law Firms

  • Political Organizations

  • Corporations

  • Marijuana cultivators, processors and dispensaries

  • Universities and Secondary Schools

  • Hospitals

  • Retail Merchants

  • Individuals

For privacy reasons we cannot publicly disclose the names of our clients. However, professional recommendations are available upon request prior to engagement.